Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Our windows show the life of a Christian in relationship to the life of our Lord.
Christ's Suffering and Death.
Christ's Suffering and Death
Christ's Baptism:  The Holy Sprit anoints him.
Christ's Incarnation: The eternal Son of the Father (hand) born of the Virgin (lily), laid in the manger.
Christ's Resurrection: His victory frees us to live a new life in him.
Our Baptism: In which we are rasied to new life in Christ.
Our Eucharist Meal:  We receive Christ's body and blood with the bread and wine
Our prayers:  The Holy Spirit intercedes for us.
Our Reconciliation: The risen Christ gives absolution and peace.
Our Resurrection and Eternal Life.
(Windows designed by Sister Hiltrudis, Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, O'Fallon)

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